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A prenup can be thrown out if lies are involved

It's very important to be truthful when drafting a prenuptial agreement or asking your significant other to sign it. While it's easy to argue that honesty is important to every part of a relationship, it's especially crucial with a prenup because it could be thrown out of court if it turns out that lies were involved in any way. This is especially true if the lies were the only reason the other person signed it to begin with.

The upsides to using a prenuptial agreement

If you're trying to decide if a prenuptial agreement is right for you, take some time to sit down and really look at all of the advantages. These agreements may not be needed in every marriage, but far too many people tie the knot without even considering them. Some upsides you may not have thought of before include:

Prenuptial agreements: Every word counts

While they may be more common in high-asset situations, prenuptial agreements can benefit all couples. Just knowing that the details are already decided and on paper in the event of a divorce can help you rest easier when hiccups happen in your marriage. However, it's important that any prenuptial agreement that you have reflects your particular needs and be worded very carefully.

It can help to think of marriage like a business

Most people don't think of marriage the same way that they think of running a business, primarily because of the involvement of love and related emotions. People think of business in a very professional sense, and it can even come across as cold and calculating. This isn't the way that they want to look at a marriage, which is supposed to be one of the happiest times of their lives.

Can you draft a prenup the day before the wedding?

You may not have cold feet the day before you get married, but you may start considering all of the ramifications of the marriage and wondering what you can do to protect yourself. That could quickly lead you to the idea of a prenuptial agreement, which is a legal document that can essentially lay down some ground rules for a divorce—saying which assets go to you and which go to your spouse, for example.

The increase in social media prenups

Concerned that you aren't going to have full control over what your spouse says about you online? You're not alone, and many people are actually getting prenuptial agreements that dictate how social media can be used after the marriage. This has been on the rise as social media grows more and more popular and widely used.

A prenup may be more needed for those marrying later in life

The cliche engaged couple is still rather young, perhaps fresh out of college, without any serious income or children. They may not even have full-time jobs yet, and they have probably not accumulated any wealth. As such, though they can use a prenup, it's a bit harder to find a reason to do so.

Is a prenup an insult?

You're going to get married in the next few months, and your partner comes to you with a piece of paper. It's a prenuptial agreement, and he or she wants you to sign it before agreeing to the marriage. Should you sign it, or is that document little more than an insult that should cause you to reconsider the marriage entirely?

Getting married: What you need to know

Whether you are tying the knot for the first time or considering remarriage, it's important to understand that there are certain requirements that must be met before you can be legally wed. One of the most important requirements is that you are legally free to be married, which means you are not currently legally married to anyone else. If you've been married before, even if it was just for a short time and the marriage was annulled, it's a good idea to check with a family law attorney to make sure that everything was done properly to avoid problems later on.

Premarital agreements: Because you never know what might happen

Our last couple of blog posts have dealt with some serious marital issues, including infidelity. A theme of those posts, and of many news reports about the same subjects, is that marital issues can seemingly come out of nowhere. What seem like happily married people one day can become divorce-seeking individuals the next after a scandal such as the Ashley Madison situation. Even a pastor who seems to have his or her marriage life together can fall prey to situations involving infidelity and his or her own mistakes.

Celebrity comment about prenuptial agreements is revealing

Among other things, prenuptial agreements are essentially legal documents that specify which property and assets belong to either party prior to a marriage. Prenuptial agreements can also provide an outline for how those assets and properties should be distributed in the event that the marriage ends, or in case of a spouse's death or incapacity.

What can happen if I don't have a prenup?

Understanding what a prenup can do for you is important to deciding whether this option is a good choice for your situation. However, it is equally important to understand what may happen in your divorce if you do not have a prenup or the court sets it aside during the divorce process.

How can a postnuptial agreement personally help me?

The vast majority of people who decide to marry give little thought to the fact that they may experience a divorce in the future. However, the reality is that circumstances tend to change over time. Depending on the length of your marriage you may discover things about your spouse years after your wedding which might cause you to worry about how a divorce will affect you. For example, over time you may learn that your spouse is terrible at managing finances. Or perhaps you will discover that your spouse has a proclivity for abusing alcohol or drugs.

What should I include in a prenup?

Prenuptial agreements used to be thought of as only something for the rich, but couples across various socioeconomic levels are increasingly turning to prenups as a way to protect their assets and simplify the property division process in the event of a divorce later on. However, there is also much confusion about what a prenup can legally cover. Understanding what a prenuptial agreement can and cannot do for you is important to creating realistic expectations.

Focus: Execution of a postnuptial agreement during marriage

We have provided readers with relevant information concerning prenuptial agreements in prior blog posts, and thought that today we might follow that up with some points that are germane to a postnuptial agreement.

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