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Do-it-yourself divorce kits cause more trouble than good

One size fits all in hats, mittens and some types of socks, but that is certainly not the case with a Florida divorce. With the growing availability of do-it-yourself divorce kits online, many may be attracted to this "easier" option. When it comes down to the bottom line, though, you may be getting just what you pay for when it comes to your bargain-basement Internet breakup.

It is important to remember that online divorce kits are a poor decision for those with families. Child custody and child support cannot be decided by filing online documents, so parents are going to have to retain the services of a lawyer, no matter what. The legal system acknowledges that the "cookie cutter" approach does not work for child custody decisions, so why should it be appropriate for your property division proceedings?

Rapper ordered to pay $7,000 monthly in child support

For divorcing couples in the Miami, Florida, area, issues related to children are often the most emotional, drawn out part of the process. In many cases, both parents are fighting for what they think is best for their kids. In some cases, one parent is fighting to ensure another is held responsible financially. Outside of the state, a performing artist and movie actor was ordered by a judge to make full payments on requested child support to the mother of his infant child.

According to reports, Ludacris fathered a child with another woman while he and his girlfriend were taking a break from each other. The woman claimed in court that the rapper had not seen the child since it was born. The judge granted the woman full custody of the child.

Start talking about summertime child custody plans during spring

Spring: The time when a young person's thoughts turn to baseball -- and child custody issues? Although Florida children may not be entirely tuned in to their own visitation schedule with their parents, it is critical to make these decisions before summertime arrives. Child custody experts say that April is the perfect time to start thinking about summer visitation and physical custody plans.

Gurus say that the key to successful summer planning lies in parents' communication skills. Be sure to talk to your child's other parent about your own scheduled time off. Childcare needs during the summer can differ dramatically from those experienced during the school year. Kids may also be reaching the age at which overnight camps and other stays with relatives may be appropriate. Discussing these major issues now saves a significant amount of time, and it will allow you to enjoy a peaceful June.

Lawsuit occurs despite premarital agreements

Many people see prenups as a legal device employed by the wealthy. In truth, premarital agreements can be used to set out expectations for a relationship, property or finances regardless of what monetary status couples have going into a marriage. Without the proper forethought and legal knowledge, however, a prenuptial won't fully protect you and your family.

One couple's family is mired in a legal battle after a string of events that seem tied to a Nicholas Sparks novel. The couple met in elder years -- they were both in their 70s -- and fell deeply in love. She was a hospital-chain heiress worth over $17 million. He was worth over $1 million himself. According to reports, the two signed a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married.

Paltrow, Martin facing complex property division in divorce

We've heard a lot about the Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin divorce in recent days, especially since the couple is espousing the new mantra of "conscious uncoupling." Although the couple's philosophy of divorce has been on Florida residents' minds, fewer celebrity sites are talking about the property division at stake in this marital dissolution. Financial experts say that the pair could be dividing a massive $280 million estate, as each member of the couple is worth about $140 million each.

Martin, 37, and Paltrow, 41, both landed on the list of top-earning celebrities in 2013. Paltrow earned about $10 million during that calendar year, while Martin, the frontman for popular band Coldplay, earned $64 million. Paltrow has massive business holdings, with companies and film franchises that have grossed billions of dollars on an international scale. With such diversified assets -- including a well-known Internet site and revenue from a line of cookbooks -- Paltrow is sitting pretty with endorsement deals and other sources of income.

Judge grants child custody to state in controverial case

Parents in Miami, Florida, may consider custody issues before, during and after a divorce. Most would not consider child custody an issue when seeking medical assistance for their kids. A case from another state that has garnered national attention came to a controversial turn recently when a judge granted permanent custody of a 15-year-old girl to the state.

According to reports, the judge made the custody decision after close-court procedures. According to the judge, the state made a case that the parents were not fit to retain custody of the girl. A spokesperson for the parents said they were too emotionally upset by the decision to make a statement as of March 25.

Can a mobile phone app help with your divorce?

In today's fast-paced technological society, we are increasingly demanding instant access to a variety of services through the use of cellphone apps. Whether a Florida resident wants to order a cab or a pizza, apps have the answer for many of life's problems. Now, industry experts are saying that the development of a divorce app may have a significant impact on the way that Florida courts decide family law issues such as alimony and child custody.

Although some legal professionals are skeptical about the usefulness of such a divorce app, technology is decidedly intent on invading the realm of family law. One of these offerings, known as "The Grass is Greener," provides a quiz-like structure that prompts users to think through several critical divorce topics. Other apps provide information about breaking the news to the kids, along with calculation tools for splitting assets and scheduling visitation.

Are same-sex divorces possible in Florida?

Across the nation, marriage and divorce law is in confusion when it comes to dealing with same-sex unions. Because some states allow same-sex marriage and others don't, there are a growing number of cases of individuals seeking legal recourse related to marriage when state law doesn't support filing for divorce. Individuals in Florida may wonder if same-sex divorce is possible since same-sex marriage is currently not allowed.

According to a number of past court cases, it's possible for a same-sex couple to get a legal divorce in Florida. It's also true that a number of past cases were denied based on the fact that Florida legal structure doesn't support same-sex marriage. One recent case, however, is hitting media outlets in ways previous divorce cases didn't. One reason the divorce case is making headlines is because the attorney for one of the women involved said that the couple not only wants a divorce in the state, but they also want to overturn the state's ban on same-sex marriages.

Equitable distribution of stock options: Not as easy as you think

When many Florida couples start the divorce process, they may think of property division as relating to actual items. Although your personal jewelry and artwork may be important considerations, intangible assets can also play a critical role in your divorce. In some financially complex divorce cases, it can be difficult to divide or even identify potential assets. Stock options and restricted stock definitely fall into the "confusing property" category during equitable distribution negotiations. Today, we explain more about the potential value of stock options and restricted stock.

Stock options provide employees with the right to purchase company stock at a certain price up to a future date. In most cases, the price will be much lower than the current value. The employee can thus sell off their stock quickly, achieving a tidy profit. Restricted stock, on the other hand, consists of shares that are given to employees at no cost, but they cannot be easily transferred.

Don't forget important routines when dealing with child custody

Couples in the Miami, Florida, area who are dealing with divorce may also be considering child custody arrangements. A post-divorce parenting plan can be complex, but should consider the best interests of the child or children as well as the needs of the parents. According to a study that appeared in the Journal of Development and Behavioral Pediatrics, some routines positively impact emotional and social health in kids.

Researchers used measures of social-emotional health that were related to children's relationship abilities. Specifically, researchers looked at the ability to empathize, understand emotions and show self-control. Social interactions studied included interaction between kids as well as interaction between kids and adults.

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